Engage Industries is Australia’s newest fight/functional wear and apparel brand to hit the market.

The Engage range is designed in Australia for athletes worldwide, sharing a core passion for training hard and breaking barriers. Engage Industries is dedicated to providing all levels of athletes with the best possible tools to push limits, create new achievements, and keep up with the constant evolution of progression.

Every Engage product has a story and a reason. The thorough research and development of every single product is testament to the Engage promise of quality. Each style has been tested, amended, and re-tested by elite athletes in the sports and activities that define Engage. This means the functionality and quality of our fabrication must meet the same high standards of quality control consistently. We are also proud to support some of the world’s greatest up and coming talent around the world through the exclusive “combat coterie” sponsorship programme.

“Engage Industries embodies the hyper-focused and elevated state of mind when training & competing”