UFC International Fight Week July 2018 - Alex Volkanovski - UFC BOISE Countdown
  • UFC International Fight Week July 2018 - Alex Volkanovski - UFC BOISE Countdown
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  • Jul 13
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  • By Rey Patino

Follow ENGAGE ATHLETE Alexander "The Great" Volkanovski as he prepares to take on number 10 ranked UFC Featherweight Darren "The Damage" Elkins.

Video Transcription

Alex V.:          When it's all said and done, how would you want people to remember you?

Alex V.:           Beast, total beast.

Alex V.:           I used to be known as The Hulk, but you know I'm a feather-weight now. I'm ... what? Five foot five so, you know. Just a total beast. I want people to go, "Mate, that guy is a beast. You know, he goes out there to rip your head off."

Alex V.:           Yeah, I will. Yeah, I will.

Alex V.:           I'm very well rounded. You know, I like to do everything. But if I'm throwing a punch, it's to put you to sleep. You know what I mean? So, I want to be known as just a killer, straight killer. But a respectful, nice, straight killer. (laughs)

Joe Lopez:         Let's go. Yeah, we're ten days out from the fight. We're gonna slowly start tapering it down. But you know, we still got a good intensity. Especially for the next four or five days anyway at least.

Joe Lopez:         It's been good. This is probably our second good training camp where he hasn't come in injured, or has had some sort of problem. So, he's been really good. He's feeling really strong. He's hitting hard. So, um, I feel sorry for poor [Darren 00:01:10], you know? I think Darren's gonna be in for a hard night, you know?

Joe Lopez:         Nice.  

Joe Lopez:         That was good. Alex, when you're outside you're not committing to the jab, and that's why he's tagging you. You know what I mean?

Alex V.:           Yeah Darren 'cause he's one tough bloke. You know what I mean? He's ... He takes a lot of damage though, if you watch him in most of his fights, he's usually taking a bit of damage and, you know, losing most of his fights, and then comes back. So, he's a grinder, and he wears people down and breaks them. But, you know, I just don't- I don't break.

Alex V.:           Expect me to make a statement and expect me to go out there and do what I said. I'm usually going there doing what I'm saying I'm gonna do. I'm gonna go out there, and I honestly think I'm taking this- this fight in the early rounds too. So, I said in the statements would be knocking [Elkins 00:02:10] out, 'cause no one's done it. And I think that's what I'm gonna do. So, expect me to go out there and put these hands on him.

Joe Lopez:         It's not as easy, you deserve it. Take off your head, cool down a bit.

Alex V.:           Well yeah, I wanted to come out to Las Vegas, you know, a couple of weeks earlier. I wanted to come to the US a couple of weeks earlier just to adapt to the time and all that. And it just worked out perfect that the boys were fighting in Vegas, and they were going a week before then.

Eugene B.:      I'm gonna eat s%^& bro walk around making sure everything's all right.

Alex V.:           That's how we do it mate. I'm not even allowed to it this and I'm cooking it for the boys.

Ash:                What a legend.

Alex V.:           It's been unreal beign over here, for a while with everyone in the crew. Obviously, I'm dieting and, you know, everyone wanted to see a lot of things in Vegas. So some day's gotta be exhausting but, you know, it's a good way to at least not worry about food. It was good to just train hard, keep your mind off everything else.

Israel:              Just doing my thing. Flip. Oh, reverse. You don't know about the reverse. It's called the?

Israel::             Yup.

Eugene B.:         Thank you very much boys, Thank you Bob for cooking. You guys did a great job. We're gonna eat. But I will also say that, like, [Israel 00:03:40] has all these visions and stuff, and I don't get those. But for some weird reason, I've envisioned this moment. Doug, all the boys together.

Israel:             Yeah.

Eugene B.:         It's weird. I just knew this would happen and we'd all come together. And for some reason I've had that in my head for years. And next time we'll bring a bigger team, and more of the guys that deserve to be here.

Israel:             Fuck yeah.  

Alex V.:         Let's eat.  

Israel:           You guys enjoy yourselves.

Everyone:          (laughs)

  • Jul 13
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  • Rey Patino

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