UFC International Fight Week July 2018 - Engage Episode 1
  • UFC International Fight Week July 2018 - Engage Episode 1
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  • Jul 05
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  • By Rey Patino

Follow Top UFC contenders and Engage athletes Israel Adesanya and Dan Hooker as they prepare for their upcoming bouts at the UFC International Fight Week. Adesanya kicks off with the main event spot at the TUF finale against Brad Tavares and Hooker fights Gilbert Burns at the highly anticipated UFC 226.

Video Transcript

Pilot:             Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Sin City, otherwise known as Las Vegas.

Dan Hooker:         Half the team fell off. I'm quick, though. I sprinted. I just made it though. Two minutes, go on the plane and took off.

Driver:             [inaudible 00:00:31]

Dan Hooker:         He- he missed his flight.

Driver:             Oh, he missed his flight?

Dan Hooker:         Yeah.

Driver:             Who are you, sir?

Dan Hooker:         Dan Hooker.

Driver:             Hooker. Like blow and hooker? Like hookers and blow?

Dan Hooker:         Yeah, yeah. That's the one. All about it. (Laughs)

Driver:             You're from the U.K., huh?

Dan Hooker:         New Zealand.

Driver:             There you are. Are you a fighter?

Dan Hooker:         Me? Do I look like a fighter?

Driver:             No, not really.

Dan Hooker:         Exactly.

Driver:             I can't tell with the shirt on.

Dan Hooker:         Manager. Manager.

Dan Hooker:         Ri, ri, ri.

Driver:             Muaree?

Dan Hooker:         Maori.

Driver:             It sounds like Moby.

Dan Hooker:         Maori. Mao-ri.

Driver:             Mo-re.

Dan Hooker:         Maori.

Driver:             Now I feel like I'm Japanese. Can't pronounce the "l". Maori.

Dan Hooker:         We're getting there. It's an improvement on yours.

Driver:             I say Maury.

Dan Hooker:         Maoldi.

Driver:             Moldy.

Dan Hooker:         Definitely. Ugh.

Dan Hooker:         Then Shane's camp kinda got us off to a good start and got everyone kind of fired up when he got that win, that big win. Got his bonus. Got fighter of the night. That was just motivation for me, and it was real. Uh, and it was a good way to finish our training camp, having a teammate do so well.

Dan Hooker:         I feel like if you're patting yourself on the back, then you're not, like, striving for more, you're not striving for, like, higher things. So rather than sit in one place telling myself I'm the man and patting myself on the back, I'd rather just get back in the gym and ... put the work in, you know? Putting the work in's what got us to this stage. It's what got us to this high level. So ... if 10 fights ago I sat down and was like, "Oh, yeah. That's enough. I'm the New Zealand Champion, I'm Australian Champion. I might just sit here for a while. I think I'm- I think I'm pretty cool," (Laughs) We never would've got anywhere, you know?

Israel:             Storybook.

Israel:             Slept most of the way here. I was only awake for about three and a half of 11 hours. Um ... the flight here was easy as well. Yeah. Same shit, different night.

Israel:             Sweet. So, uh ...

Jeff:               So, alright man. Good luck this week. I'll check out with you tomorrow. See you at the office.

Israel:             Alright, man. That's the golden snitch. That's the golden snitch. This one and this was a Super Eight. And that's the UFC. Levels, man. I don't need gold medals, I got gold metals. Bars, ooh. See that? Trademark.

Israel:          Three minutes we're out. In three minutes, ETA. Three minutes.

Israel:             Fucking relax, fatty. God! Didn't you just eat five minutes ago?

Brad:         No, we haven't-

Israel:             Get the strong. (Laughs)

Speaker 6:         Easy.

Israel:             There was a camera. (Laughs)

Speaker 6:         That was embarrassing.

Israel:         That's alright, cheers my man.

Israel:         Hey, big boy, see you brother.

Israel:             My first flight to Vegas, being the main event is, uh, yeah, it's a big deal. But I don't really dwell on it cause, at the end of the day it's just me, Brad, and the referee. And it doesn't matter if I'm the first fight, last fight, if I'm in my back yard, if I'm, you know, on Mars. It's just a fight.

Israel:            I'm gonna seal this, seal the deal. Yeah, feels like it. Give me your wrist? Err. (Laughs) Straight left down the pipe. Yeah. Yeah.

Israel:             Eh. Mwah. I'll bless the other one too. Bless it on fight night.

Interviewer:         You're fighting this weekend, Brad Tavares, top veteran, as we know, striking about in the past, he's very much been on record, as everyone goes on record in these situations, he's saying he wants to be the one to derail the live train. He's going to be the one to put a stop to Israel in his climb up the ranks. How do you react to that sort of commentary from an opponent, and what's your thoughts on Brad Tavares in the matchup?

Israel:             Um, I don't react to it, to be honest. I never really paid attention to anything in the media that they say. Um ... yeah, everyone says it. It's different. It's easy to talk, talk is cheap. It's actions -- actions speak louder than words. And when the octagon door locks, and we have to take action, then everything changes, you know? My actions speak for real. And I can talk too. I can wrap words around him if I wanted to, but, yeah. I'm doing all this shit. The talking is done. I'm just ready to get the strap.

Speaker 8:         See you, homie.

Israel:             Easy ass. My man. Thank you so much.

Speaker 8:         Thank you.

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  • Rey Patino