UFC International Fight Week July 2018 - Engage Episode 2
  • UFC International Fight Week July 2018 - Engage Episode 2
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  • Jul 06
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  • By Rey Patino

Follow Top UFC contenders and Engage athletes Israel Adesanya and Dan Hooker as they train, cut weight and do media obligations preparing for their UFC bouts at UFC International Fight Week. Adesanya kicks off with the main event spot at the TUF finale against Brad Tavares and Hooker fights Gilbert Burns at the highly anticipated UFC 226.

Video Transcript

Israel:             For me personally it's training that's, that's, that's the hard bit like to train to get up every day. Some days when you don't want to, some days when it just feels you and your bodies being worked the night before. That discipline you know that keeps me on a straight narrow that keeps me grounded, that keeps me focused.

Israel:              Fighting is easy when I was out just the waiting game like I know I just have to make weight just coming off easy and not to fight but that's just a waiting game, but then when that door shuts and then they start to talk and ask my name and I'm just like, I go cold and I just feel ready to go and then when we go it's just freedom I can just express.

Dan Hooker:    Big time, big time, big time!

Dan Hooker:    Ah it's like reinvigorating like when I started the sport at first sight of fighting it was purely just cuz I wanted to fight and it's like, it's been like, A real selfish thing the whole time especially fighting in the UFC, you're just fighting for yourself like you're... you know you take with your time training you... you just so focused on this that it's like so one-track mind but now it's a way to provide for my family so... it's like reinvigorating and yeah... like super motivating to get back in the gym to have you know my wife and now I got a baby on the way so I have to... like I have to win like I have to provide for them...

Dan Hooker:    Like losing is just not an option so that's why I'm in the gym seven days a week and pushing so hard it's been easy working there hard because there's so much added motivation from that.


[Israel Dancing]

Group:              [Shout] Hey... Ho... Hey... Ho... Hey... Heeyyy... [Laughs]

Israel:                You don't want to share it all do you?

Dan Hooker:    That's gonna get counted for!

Israel:                Relax, alright calories need some calories look alright chill!

Dan Hooker:    This f@rking guy!

Israel:                Don't wanna share it

Dan Hooker:    [Shouting] Stay out of my dinner boy!

Dan Hooker:    Alright I'll jump [Laugh]

Speaker 1:        You too have to hide it bro!

Israel:                I'll go put it back... putting it back!... I'm not even touching it..

Dan Hooker:    It's not even funny bro...

Israel:                I know!

Dan Hooker:    Just work out for like half an hour just get a swing on get the body [ah] get the metabolism so it keeps going you know we're gonna cut weight this week so nothing too taxing. Yeah the hard work is done, the last hard session is done seven days up on the fight you know as fit as you're going to get and in these little half an hour sessions keep... just keep things ticking over

Israel:                Just chillin... yeah, enjoy yourself! [Laugh]

Kamaru:            [Laugh] Oh man, I'm excited for you man!

Israel:                Same, I just get those sweat up now, I'm on top of it that's it I'm ready, just relax and just wait, I'm ready! At least it's going to be easier than last two times you're on the way!

Dan Hooker:      Well I think that the reason I got to this stage I'm at now and then I'm on this winning streak is because I didn't get ahead of myself and I took every one of those fights like very seriously and focused very hard on each opponent and just not let myself get carried away with like what's next, so I think I'll carry that on you know it seems to be a winning formula so I'll try to replicate that as closely as possible

Paul:                  My bad.. for not fighting you, I'm like you're already in the talks.

Dan Hooker:      I was like I knew, I knew like that night yeah

Paul:                 Yeah, I told them, like I told them, that there, like I love what you did that was awesome. I have nothing. against the fight with you but we're already in talks I'd have been better off I'd have been fighting right now

Dan Hooker:      Number 10? [laugh]

Israel:                  A 100% I'm not focused on anyone else or anything else I'm just here to fight was that fight then I can let everything sink in so right now I'm just chillin, just relaxing... another day in the office and everything's as smooth as pizza.

Photographer:    Chin up for me?... A lil bit more intensity...

Israel:                  People forget to breathe sometimes and forget ah.. you know just relax and take everything in but don't let it overwhelm you, breathing and my mentality they where.. they were I think about all this though I prep for all of this as well for years so it's not really daunting to me, if I wasn't expecting this but I've always expected this so it's deja vu like I've done this before and I have.

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