UFC International Fight Week July 2018 - Engage Episode 3
  • UFC International Fight Week July 2018 - Engage Episode 3
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  • Jul 09
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  • By Rey Patino

Follow Top UFC contenders and Engage athletes Israel Adesanya and Dan Hooker as they prepare for their upcoming bouts at the UFC International Fight Week. Adesanya kicks off with the main event spot at the TUF finale against Brad Tavares and Hooker fights Gilbert Burns at the highly anticipated UFC 226.


Israel:              I feel proud to be of Nigerian descent of Nigerian blood and I feel proud to be of a New Zealand combat Academy descendant CKB my gym City Kickboxing and City MMA has been so successful because of the staff, the coaching staff. We have we've got the best, I honestly, some of the best in the world.

Israel:              And people just don't know it yet, you know we're just tucked away in the little south side corner of the world and people be like, [oh] New Zealand what are they gonna do? but, so I keep saying man 20 years 30 years from now cuz we're in it right now we don't realize but we're gonna look back and they're gonna look back on these days and talk about us like we talk about them.


Israel:              I never like to feel vulnerable I never, like to feel like you know? how disadvantage that I feel like even if I'm the best kickboxer in the world there's always gonna be another guy and I know in my heart and my head that you know he's capable of beating me because he has something I don't have which is ground skills or fan skills or judo skills or whatever so yeah I always want to feel like I'm set and able to handle anything in any area anytime

Dan Hooker:    I feel like his progress to this career at the stage is warranted and the guys he beat outside of the UFC. You know you go back and look at his record it's not a padded fighting he's toughed Russian wrestlers Sambo world champion you know the best in Australia like before he came to the UFC and then before he even was in MMA here he had an incredible kickboxing record and things like that so it's definitely not unwarranted like the stage he's at now.

Dan Hooker:    His entire life's work has got him to this point but like he's not ducked or run from anyone his entire career so people gonna say what they want to say but he's he will fight anyone like he is one of the best fighters, if not the best middle weight on the planet.

Eugene:            Straight up the plane, suitcases here, straight into training, there's work to be done!

Ash:                  Word to be done!

Eugene:            Business to be taken care of.

Ash:                  That's it!

Eugene:            Countries to take over.... America, Hawaii, Brazil, conquer, pillage.. pillage and conquer!

Eugene:            Get back right here!

Israel:              Dan has been the man for a long time, his been the hangman for a long time... The Opposites in the way we carry ourselves but somehow we work well together we were like the term is frenemies it's how we feel and he's fighting the next night after me so we've kind of just been in the same program and helping each other out on normally and knowingly throughout the camp and I honestly feel privileged to be a part of that team.

Dan Hooker:    Stay woke, Stay broke, What does it mean?

Mitch:              It's up to you, isn't it?

Dan Hooker:    [Shouting] What does it even mean?, nobody know?

Israel:              I don't even know what it means...

Israel:              How are you going to know, if I don't know?

Israel:              How are you going to know, if I'm going to jab? If I don't know how I'm going to jab?

Israel:              I just jabbed, I didn't even know I was going to do it [laughed]

Dan Hooker:    Gilbert Burns is a bit of a double-edged sword like he's a world-class grappler

as well as knocking people out, so he's dangerous everywhere but this is the kind of... this is the kind of matchup that I want... I want... I want the best! I want the most dangerous guy... I want the killers... I want the guys that people don't want to fight like that's what gets me out of bed in the morning when you.. when you put a name in front of me and then it wakes me up and it gets my attention like money was my major priority then there are other ways I could be making a lot more money for me this is about the challenge and it's about fighting the best opponents, like Gilbert Burns world champion grappler with knockout power bring it on?

  • Jul 09
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  • Rey Patino

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