Israel Adesanya puts on a first round knockout performance in UFC230
  • Israel Adesanya puts on a first round knockout performance in UFC230
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  • Nov 05
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  • By Rey Patino

“This was like a walk in the park. No, this was like a walk in the garden. Madison, baby.”, Adesanya said after the fight interview with Joe Rogan.

The Auckland-based middleweight Israel Adesanya (15-0) put the top 5 middleweight division on notice with his undefeated in UFC(4-0) with a first-round TKO over Derek Brunson (18-7) in the first fight of the main card at UFC 230.

There were doubters going into his UFC 230 bout with American wrestler Derek Brunson, but the Kickboxing veteran silenced them all by outclassing his oponent with powerful knee strikes and showcasing his grappling skills by avoiding takedowns several times. Earning him the performance of the night and taking the $50k bonus.

Adesanya stopped Brunson's early attempts to get him to the floor before landing a hard raised knee to Brunson's chin. Brunson backed off and tried to regain his composure. He followed up with more knees, dropped his chin with a right hand and eventually finished him with punches against the fence when finally Herb Dean stepped in to stop the fight after the American was dropped a couple more times.

"That was about a B-minus, that's what I'll give myself," Adesanya told Joe Rogan in the after fight interview.

"I expected him to come at me like he did with Robert Whittaker when he was all clumsy, or the way he did against Anderson Silva which was more patient. He came out patient, and I forced him to be clumsy. I forced him to shoot.”

"I started the game at level two and they're just loading, so I got in his head and I got him to start to work and shoot. And my boy Andrie, they say I have no wrestling, they say I have no Jiu Jitsu. But they will soon find out”, Adesanya said.

Adesanya walk the talk by stating he will TKO Brunson in the first or second round. Adesanya revealed he had practised the raised knee that initially dropped Brunson in training during the week.

"Two days ago my wrestling coach went in with some force on a takedown and I hurt him with a light knee", Adesanya said.

“I’m a different beast, No one has ever seen a striker like me in the UFC, no one has seen a fighter like me in the UFC. It’s not talk, I have proven it over and over again on each single fight.”, Adesanya said on EMG Interview episode 4.

“I’m gonna set back and watch the rest of the fight on middleweight tournament and then I’ll plot slowly”, Adesanya eyeing out his for his next match already after the fight interview with Joe Rogan.

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  • Nov 05
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  • Rey Patino

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