Video: Alex Volkanovski suffers rib injury before defeating Darren Elkins at UFC Boise
  • Video: Alex Volkanovski suffers rib injury before defeating Darren Elkins at UFC Boise
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  • Jul 15
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  • By Katrina Mahoney

With a big opportunity against a top ten contender, there was nothing about to stop Alex Volkanovski from stepping into the cage at UFC Boise.

The Aussie featherweight prospect won a unanimous decision over notoriously durable Darren Elkins at the CenturyLink Arena tonight in Boise, Idaho.

True to his moniker, “The Damage” wore a mask of blood after an early cut and struggled back to his stool after being knocked down twice in the first round. Though no stranger to adversity, there’d be no miraculous comeback for Elkins tonight. Despite a questionable set of scorecards (30-27, 29-28, 29-28), Volkanovski dominated the fight from bell to bell.

It was a standout performance in its own right, but even more impressive considering Volkanovski entered the bout compromised.

On Wednesday night, Volkanovski injured his rib during one of his final training sessions. Engage Media Group caught the incident while filming Access: Fight Week Vlog Series.

In the video featured below, Volkanovski is pictured rolling with training partner Brad Riddell and as he rolls into an omoplata, he suddenly yells out, ‘No’.

Remarkably, Volkanovski managed to push through fight week, make weight and earn a solid win against the #10 ranked featherweight.

In his post-fight interview, Volkanovski spoke of Elkins, the injury and what he’d like next.

“He’s a beast. I thought I could finish him, he’s as tough as they say,” Volkanovski told colour commentator Jimmy Smith.

“I had to battle some challenges, man. I busted my rib on Wednesday night, so I hadn’t been training. I didn’t get to do no wrestling or nothing. Somehow the adrenalin took over a bit. I didn’t feel it too much so I got lucky. ... I do this for my family. I had to win.”

“Let’s see how Chad Mendes does. If he takes the win, maybe you allow us to headline Adelaide. Maybe. Come back to my turf. Chad Mendes and me, main event. Let’s do it.”

On the main card of UFC Boise, Chad Mendes won his fight against Myles Jury via TKO in the first round.

The UFC will return to Adelaide on December 1. There are currently no bouts scheduled for the event.

Now 18-1, Volkanovski remains undefeated in the UFC and the win is certain to move him into the featherweight rankings.

  • Jul 15
  • |
  • Katrina Mahoney

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