Billboard Boxing Gloves

Billboard Gloves

Our premiere boxing gloves combine premium cowhide leather with 4 layer shock absorbing hand moulds for premium protection. Stamped with our signature billboard branding, this disruptive flipped design takes an iconic product in a completely new direction. The handmade craftsmanship, features a hook & loop closure for easy adjustment. A product specifically built for those looking to gain an edge in the ring. Irreverent style meets high performance.


Engage is for the fighters. The determined. The obsessive.

Those who fight their challenges. Inside the cage and out of it.

We’re about the grind. Pushing ourselves further. Making sacrifices.

Because we know, Your history is your history. Your reasons are your reasons. Only you can define you.

You might do this for a belt. You might do this to stay in shape. Or to free your mind.

Engage is a mindset. It’s the fight inside you that matters.

Engage isn’t a fightwear brand, it’s a brand for fighters. And We Are All Fighters.

So ask yourself, what are you fighting for?