How to Choose Gloves That Are Worth Your Money

September 25, 2019

Those who are just getting into boxing, Muay Thai or mixed martial arts will often choose to buy relatively cheap gloves for their first pair. This is generally because they aren’t quite sure whether they will want to continue with the training, and they don’t want to spend too much money on a hobby that they will give up in a couple of weeks. This can make sense from a financial standpoint.

However, you will eventually want to upgrade to get gloves that are better and that will last longer. Those cheap gloves that are found in most sporting goods stores simply aren’t built to last. When you are ready for some better gloves that will provide you with comfort and durability, you will want to know what you should be looking for through online MMA fight shops or boxing shops. Here are some simple steps that will help you along the way.

What Type of Training Are You Doing?

The first thing that you have to consider when you are choosing between the gloves you want to buy is the type of training that you will be doing whether for boxing training or MMA training. If you will be boxing exclusively, you will want to have some boxing gloves, naturally. However, if you are into MMA and the grappling arts, having MMA gloves is the right solution for you.

Then, you will need to break down between the various sizes and types of boxing gloves and MMA gloves to makes sure that you choose the right style and the right size. The sizes for MMA gloves and boxing gloves are different. Boxing gloves are typically going to be heavier, and they will have a lot more padding to them. The MMA gloves are smaller, they have less padding, and they have slots for individual fingers, which can facilitate grappling.

Material Matters Too

When you are searching through all of the gloves that are available, you will find that they are typically made either from vinyl or from leather. The vinyl is a cheaper option, but the leather is something that will last much longer, as long as you take care of the gloves properly. When you are buying a quality pair of gloves, you should always be looking for leather + the quality of wrist support.

Make Sure the Gloves Have Been Tested

It doesn't matter which gloves are you going to choose, training gloves, sparring gloves out there that have not been given real-world tests to ensure that they work well and that they are a good fit for practical use. You want to make sure that the gloves you buy come from a brand that has put in the effort to actually design and test the gloves properly, and to make sure they are as good as they can be. Once you find a brand that does this, and you test out their gloves to make sure they are as good as the hype, you could have a brand that you trust for life.

Buy From a Quality Company

Even when you are choosing your next pair of gloves, and one that you want to be a better and more durable, lasting solution, there is always the temptation to find something that’s on the cheaper side. It’s natural to want to save money, but when it comes to the gloves you buy, that’s not always a good idea. Cheap gloves will typically mean low quality, which means that the materials are not as good. These types of gloves will generally not last as long as quality leather gloves from a better company.

How To Choose The Right Glove For Training Infographic

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