What to Look for When Choosing Boxing Gloves?

Are you just getting started in boxing? If you are, you are probably excited about getting your first pair of real boxing gloves. Of course, you might also have absolutely no idea what you should be considering when it comes to choosing these gloves? What are the things that you need to look for to make sure that they are the right gloves for you? You should take your time when you are choosing any type of fight wear or fight gear. The following are some of the elements you will want to consider when you are choosing boxing/training gloves.

classic bag gloves
Classic Boxing Gloves
classic bag gloves
Modern Boxing Gloves

Type of Gloves

Not all gloves are the same. In fact, there are quite a few different styles. First up, there are modern bag gloves. The classic bag gloves don’t offer the wrist support that you really need, so make it a point to get one of the modern gloves. These are some of the most common types, and they have plenty of padding and wrist support. As the name suggests, these are ideal for training on the bags. However, they aren’t a good option for sparring. You will want to look for actual sparring gloves. There are, of course, pro fight gloves, as well. These are a good choice for those who plan to train on the punching bags and getting into the ring.

The Right Size

In addition to the type, you also have to think about the size. Typically, you can consider your weight when you are choosing the size and weight of your gloves. As a rule of thumb, you can use the following guidelines. Those who weigh 120 lbs. and less will want 12 and 14 oz. gloves. Those who are between 120 and 150 lbs. can choose 14 or 16 oz. gloves. Those who are 150 to 180 lbs. can choose 16, 18, and 20 oz. gloves. Those who are over 180 lbs. will want to choose gloves that are 16 oz. and up.

When sparring, the gloves will typically be 16 oz. no matter the weight of the participants. When competing, the gloves will usually be 8 oz. to 10 oz. regardless of the weight.

Lace-Up or Velcro Gloves?

In the past, all gloves used laces. With laces, it is possible to get a tighter, secure fit. However, it meant that you needed to have someone else there who would be able to lace up those gloves for you. Today, many people like to train on their own, so Velcro became more popular. If you will be hitting the bag on your own, and you won’t always have someone around to lace them up and untie them again, consider Velcro. If you are going to fight competitively, you will likely want to have a pair of each.

Leather or Vinyl?

If you are looking for quality, then you will certainly want to go with leather. It is going to last much longer than vinyl, and it will look great. Those who are just getting started and who aren’t sure about whether they will keep training may want to get vinyl. It’s a cheaper option, but they will not last nearly as long. Those who are serious about boxing training will opt for leather every time.

The Right Aesthetics

Honestly, the style and the aesthetics of the glove really are the least important aspect of them from a fighting perspective. The most important parts are getting the right type and size and making sure they are comfortable. However, we all know deep down that the look of a glove is very important. That’s why so many brands today put in quite the effort to make some great looking gloves. When you are making your choice in gloves, it’s natural that the look will play a role. However, it should still take a backseat to the other qualities discussed.

Where to Get Quality Gloves?

Are you looking for a quality brand that you can trust to ensure that you have the very best possible boxing gloves? Consider checking out Engage to see what they have for gloves and other fight gear and fight wear. We are an Australian company that supply to athletes worldwide, and we put a lot of effort into making sure that we test our gear thoroughly to make sure it can withstand heavy use, even by the professionals.

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