MMA Workouts - How to Increase Punch Power

In our last strength and conditioning exercise we focused on the lower body, the single leg dynamic power step up which is a simple workout that uses minimal equipment and great for developing single leg power and strength. We will now cover the upper body using the reactive medicine ball punch technique to improve your strength and power when punching. In this article MMA fighter Brad Riddell performs the workout guided by strength and conditioning coach Andrew Wood.

Workout of the Week - Week 2

Reactive Med Ball Punch

Here we see professional MMA and K1 fighter Brad “Quake” Riddell demonstrating a reactive medicine ball punch. First of all at full speed and then in slow motion.

This move is fantastic for developing rotational power and strength whilst teaching the athlete to make the connection from lower to upper body. It is all about rotational power from the hips and it starts in fighting stance.

How to do it:

The ball is held with both hands by the chin. One hand is placed on the side of the medicine ball for balance, the other hand is working to the back of the ball.

Brad keeps his chin tucked in, keeps soft in the knees, sits a little and pivots on his back foot at the same time rotating his hips to face the wall.

As he does this he makes his arm an extension of the force generated from his lower body and releases the ball just like he is throwing a punch, letting his scapula glide and arm go into full extension.

The ball must travel in a straight line at head height.

The 'reactive' portion is due to the med ball being bouncy and so will propel back from the wall with speed - Brad has to react and catch the ball and set himself up for the next rep.

It is a nice drill to add into your strength and conditioning program especially if you are training in mixed martial arts disciplines such as kickboxing, Muay Thai, or just normal boxing to develop your upper body speed and power with these medicine ball exercises.

I hope that you can improve your strength and conditioning program by adding these different methods next time you train and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

On the next exercise we will demonstrate the standing barbell landmine twist for developing rotational power and strength in your core body.

Andrew Wood – S&C Coach - Vis Vires Athletics
Coaching Athletes Worldwide
Instagram: @woody_visvires

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