Learn How To Read Your MMA Opponent

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." - Sun Tzu.

Thanks to Master Sun this proverb has become popular around the world and has a deeper meaning to it especially for those who desire to improve their hand at life or battle.

To really know yourself, you must know where you are and who is around you. Do you know the people around you? their names? backgrounds or understanding of where they think they are, are you able to see things from their points of view? This is about knowing the other.

Wars, politicians, companies fail because they do not know their enemies, opponents, or customers, therefore, they do not know themselves – their egos for better or worse come in their way and they usually end up blaming others for their own lack of foresight and judgement.

The only way to know others is to simply to begin by understanding them and their points of view – and not in the heat of battle trying to find out as their defences as they will be up and you will be in a position to lose and they at that moment will likely know much more about you.

It is natural to first look at our enemy superficially and devise a plan then which is a mistake – If we do not know ourselves – we are our own worst enemy. If you wish to fight others you find their weaknesses and once you know their weaknesses you then compare your weaknesses with theirs – this gives you a balance within to compare and should the enemy draw you into battle then you are likely to have the upper hand. Where either side does not know their own weaknesses – those weaknesses can be used against them.

If you really want to beat others in whatever – you first have to know yourself, your abilities, temperament and then know your opponent's abilities and temperament. This is what chess teaches also.

This video was filmed when Brad was in UFC Las Vegas to help with Alexander Volkanovski's title fight. It shows him breaking down his game plan for his fight against Magomed Mustafaev at UFC Auckland, and some fight clips showing how the plan unfolded.

A little different from the tutorials he usually posts, so let him know if you want to see these types of videos and breakdowns.

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