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How To Fight With A Long Guard

by Brad Riddell July 02, 2020 1 min read

How To Fight With A Long Guard

In this video we are going over the basics of the long guard, some of its advantages, and what you need to look out for when using the long guard. I was taught to use the long guard in my rematch with Steve Moxon.

Steve was very good at slipping and was one of my few opponents who was shorter than me, so the long guard was effective at shortening the travel time it took to land the jab and helped me occupy his vision. The long guard is also helpful for throwing quick, short jabs to get reads on your opponent without committing to the jab.

When using the long guard, you must watch out for overhand rights, hooks, and low kicks. It's very effective for blocking the focus of your opponents, Israel Adesanya used it quite a lot of MMA fighters in the world have actually used the long guard technique.

Watch the video below where I describe on how to fight with the long guard and the various combinations of offensive and defensive techniques that you can add in your MMA strategy.

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