4 Best Stance Switch Counter Tactics

Switching your stance or fighting in both stances is one of the best ways to completely surprise your opponent and catch them off guard. Some of the best fighters, like former UFC Champion, Max Holloway, are taking their game to another level by switching from orthodox to southpaw stance and vice versa. I highly recommend you watch the video, as you read the article, to learn 4 stance switch counter tactics. 

1. Step back into southpaw hook

The first tactic is stepping back into southpaw stance as you throw the right hook. This is best utilized when your opponent is moving forward aggressively and really committing with a jab. This counter can work against the cross, as well, but is more effective against the jab. You want to throw the right hook over top the jab as it is coming towards your face. If your opponent continues to move forward after the jab, you can go from southpaw back to orthodox as you throw the left hook. Often enough, by stepping back into the opposite stance as you swing a power hook, it can strike fear into your opponent and stop them from moving forward so aggressively.

2. Step back Into Southpaw Hook & Step Back into orthodox & cross

The second tactic is countering the inside low kick. Step your lead leg back into southpaw to dodge the inside low kick, then dart back in with a cross as you simultaneously step your left foot back into orthodox stance. Your left foot should land on the ground at the same time your cross hits the target to generate maximum power.

3. Step Back Into Southpaw Outside Low Kick

The third tactic is also a counter to the inside low kick. Step your lead leg back into southpaw to dodge the inside low kick. As your lead leg, which is your left leg, lands to the ground, you are going to throw the right outside low kick. Make sure to point your left heel at your target to open your hips for the low kick - think of this as a fade away low kick because you are stepping back as you kick.

4. Switch Stance & Parry Jab Jab Cross

The last tactic is another counter to the jab. Switch your stance and parry the jab simultaneously. Then move forward with the jab jab cross combination. To really make this counter effective, Try to switch your stance so that your lead foot is placed outside of your opponent’s lead foot to create an angle. Basic tips for a southpaw vs orthodox match up is to have your lead foot outside of your opponent’s lead foot. You are switching your stance so that you are temporarily a southpaw vs orthodox. Lastly, don’t just parry the jab, but hand trap the jabbing hand to keep the guard down before you throw the jab!

I hope that you can practice these different methods next time you train or spar, and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

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