How to Fake the Body Shot to Land a Hook to the Head

In this tutorial video we are gonna have a look at (Gennady Golovkin)GGG versus Canelo fight as a reference which is probably one of my favorite boxing fights. I'm gonna say of all time because there's many fights that I do like but it's definitely one of my modern-day favorite fights.

I really think Canelo won this fight, while a lot of people disagree because the judges disregarded the jabs of GGG but I think that Canelo came out and really want to win this fight and he did.

So we're looking at the punch technique he used in the fight that connected very well with GGG, obviously the powerful punch didn't dropped him because they both have iron jaws. However, it was setup beautifully and I want to show you how to follow this technique.

So guys, everybody that watches boxing knows that Canelo Alvarez has phenomenal body punches, is a very powerful puncher, also he recently won the light heavyweight with a knockout so that speaks for itself.

Canelo's body punch has so much impact that he instils fear to the opponent in order to create an opportunity to land the hook upstairs by faking the body punch, there are two ways it can be utilised as demonstrated in the tutorial video below.

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