Sparring Thai Fighters in Thailand

One of the most popular things to do in Thailand is to learn Muay Thai. With Muay Thai being their national sport with kids as young as 6 years old fighting, it's something that all tourists enjoy watching or partaking in. As with a lot of the Muay Thai fighters and trainers in Thailand, they start young, which makes them vicious, skilled, and tough opponents in the ring.

You can find Muay Thai instructors all over Thailand with well over 100-200 fights. It sounds quite ridiculous, but to them, that number is normal with some even losing track! Now although they are a human weapon, you’ll find they are also the most friendly and gentle fighters and training partners.

They are so technical and skilled that they have outstanding control. When they train and spar, they are very playful. In my return to Thailand, I had the opportunity of sparring two Thai instructors (one being an active fighter) based out of a gym in Bangkok. I weighed more than both of them, yet they were able to sweep and dump me!

Their high level of skill mixed in with their fluidity, control and playfulness allowed the sparring rounds to be very fun and a huge learning lesson. When two fighters spar together with respect, control, and fluidity, the sparring is beautiful to watch!

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