Ways To Maintain Your MMA Gear

November 28, 2019

Mixed Martial Arts, most commonly known as MMA is a really cool sport and involves lots of workouts. The fighters usually work up a lot of sweat by the end of the game or practice session. The clothes are easily washable but when it comes to the MMA gear which includes headgear, gloves and shin guards, they are not that easy to clean. And you can’t exactly leave them be because they will become smelly and even get mold.

Premium MMA gear is usually quite expensive and not maintaining your gear means you are shortening the life of your equipment plus the need to keep replacing. Now, most fight gear is designed with materials that require special attention to clean up and be fresh and we have found you some super easy and accessible ways to do that.

Wear Hand Wraps

Wear a clean pair of hand wraps under your boxing gloves or MMA gloves every time you train. Not only does the wrap help to protect your hands and wrists in striking or sparring but it also helps to absorb sweat because of the cotton materials.

Make sure you wash your hand wraps regularly as it can start to smell from the salts in your sweat. Placing them in a mesh bag in your laundry or by washing them in hot water with laundry solution. If you are washing hand wraps with laundry make sure you separate them from other colors, oftentimes newer hand wraps leak a lot of excess dye when washed.

Spray it nice!

When it comes to your MMA gear it is mostly made of leather, natural or synthetic. Whichever the type, you need to be careful when cleaning it. There are anti-odour sprays available in the market designed to not only eliminate bad smell but also disinfect the leather equipment. These sprays work really well in killing any possible bacterial growth and will help increase the life of your gear. After spraying your gear will be wet but if you leave it out for a few hours it will air dry and be as new as before.

Oil it up

Using essential oils is a natural method of maintaining your MMA gear. Lavender and tea tree oil are known for their anti-microbial properties and are perfect to increase the life of your leather equipment. What these oils do is that lock in the right kind of moisture inside the leather material and remove the rest. This way your gloves and headgear remain fresh and clean. All you need to do is mix up a few drops of the essential oils in a cup full of water. Dip a clean cloth in the mixture and wipe the gear with it. Don’t ignore the lining as that is the first place where bacteria will grow due to sweat. Leave your gear out to air dry it and soon you will have fresh smelling, superb equipment for the next practice or fight!

Disinfect the lot

When it comes to water and leather, they don’t mix well. But soaking in your leather MMA gear in saltwater is a not so bad idea. Just get a saline solution mixed in with some water in a tub or a bucket. Add your gloves or headgear in it and let it soak overnight. The saline will purify the leather without harming the quality. In the morning just wipe a bit and let the gear dry up.

You must do research on the material used to make your gloves before using this method. Not all material reacts well with saltwater. Thorough research is required before using the saltwater soak technique to save you from otherwise damaging your gloves rather than cleaning them. If this method seems long to you, you can just get some disinfectant wipes. They won’t completely clean up but they are a quick option to temporarily have neat and safe gear.  

Go old school

If you are hesitant about trying any commercial products to maintain your MMA gear and are looking for something a bit near home and cheap then we have a few tips for you. Get some lukewarm water and a piece of clean cloth. Wipe your gear with the wet cloth a few times, it will clean out the basic grime but the stink will remain. To ward off the bad smells, you can dip the cloth in diluted vinegar and then clean the gear. It will not only remove the smell but kill the germs as well. Go for this only if you can survive the vinegar smell afterward. To get off bad smell from your gloves and shoes, you can go for the old kitchen trick of baking soda. Just stuff one of your socks with baking soda and put it inside the smelly gear. The soda will absorb the smell and after a day you will have fresh gear.

Amidst the many methods of cleaning out your gear don’t let yourself be tempted and soak your leather gear in the water. The leather can easily get deformed and lose its original look. The same goes for the washing machine. It is not a good cleaning method for leather unless you are on the market for brand new fight gear from the Engage store. Also, it is best to keep away from any cleaning solution that involves alcohol, because even though it kills bacteria but it is not leather friendly. Go for the failsafe methods we have shared with you and you’ll come out a winner at the other end of the ring.

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