The History of Engage MMA Fightwear

June 07, 2020

The story of Engage starts in 2014 – Following his passion for MMA, founder Ash Belcastro was led to Thailand where he trained and competed in MMA & Muay Thai. Whilst there he fell in love with the lifestyle and created life-long friendships. He saw how much effort and energy these athletes put into their training, fighting and wanted to be a part of their journey by providing them with the tools and exposure to succeed.

Some of the athletes Ash worked with from day one have become UFC Champions(Israel Adesanya and Alex Volkanovski) and top 10 fighters in the UFC. Ash’s passion soon turned into the birth of Engage - a high quality, stylish label that Athletes and Combat Sport enthusiasts can trust and rely on for quality, durability and innovative on trend apparel.

“...when I compared the combat industry’s brands and labels I couldn’t find anything that was durable for my training and looked good. I played around with some simple designs at first as a hobby and to develop fight wear for myself and the team. It wasn’t until I started getting positive feedback from my training partners and other athletes about my custom fight wear that I thought we could make a go of this.”

Engage is dedicated to providing all levels of athletes with the best possible tools to push limits, create new achievements, and keep up with the constant evolution of combat sports. Engage aims to at all times to maintain the upmost levels of service for our customers and strives to place itself at the forefront of the fight wear, MMA and combat sports industry. Engage has the team and systems to meet the demands our customers require whilst not compromising the quality Engage is renowned for.

Engage is focused on becoming the market leader and household name in the combat sports industry.

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