MMA Workouts: Aerobic Development Workout

The top goal of aerobic base training is to increase endurance, or aerobic capacity—because endurance takes extended time to develop and the benefits are long-lasting. Aerobic training is suited for all sports as it provides the base work for an athlete's fitness.

This type of training affects performance by increasing the delivery of oxygen to the muscles, improving removal of waste products for all energy systems and enhancing the muscles ability to use the aerobic energy system.In my video below we will run through a simple aerobic development workout that you can do at home to build your aerobic base.

For the aerobic exercise, use either an assault bike, bike, ski erg, shadow box, heavy bag etc - something to raise your heart rate(HR).

How to perform an aerobic development workout to help with your MMA training

  1. Start a clock and perform 2 minutes of your chosen aerobic exercise.
  2. After 2 minutes, stop the clock and perform 5 reps of a pulling exercise (TRX Row, bent over row, pull up etc), 5 reps of a pushing exercise (Push up, floor press etc) and 10 reps of a core exercise (Russian twists, superman's etc).
  3. After you are done - start the clock again and perform 2 more minutes of your aerobic exercise, followed again by the exercises.
  4. Repeat this process until you have completed 40 minutes on the clock - 20 sets of 2 minutes aerobic work and the three exercises.

To help you keep your fitness level up during isolation check my previous video covering the MMA Bodyweight Ladder Workout. By adding these different methods next time you train and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Andrew Wood – S&C Coach - Vis Vires Athletics
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