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The Dangers of Street Fighting (2 vs 1 sparring)

by Jeff Chan - mmashredded.com June 22, 2020 2 min read

The Dangers of Street Fighting (2 vs 1 sparring)

Fighting on the streets can be extremely dangerous and not something you want to get caught in, with the general rule of thumb being to try and remove yourself from the situation immediately.

Even as a professional martial artist who has been training for over 13 years, I did not stand a chance against my two childhood friends who have NEVER been formally trained in martial arts. I expected it to be tough, but boy was I wrong... it was impossible. Fighting two people at once is really like the Wild Wild West! You look one direction, you get hit in the other direction. If you've ever sparred before, I can tell you that sparring two people at once requires DOUBLE the cardio too!

I did try to strategize, such as never allowing yourself to be surrounded between the two opponents, instead, put one opponent in between you and your second opponent. Let's just say it can work for the first few seconds but you will quickly be eating punches left right and center! You should also refrain from grappling. I instinctively went for a double leg takedown as one opponent came running at me, but very quickly the second opponent grabbed me from behind and left me on the ground to be punched by two people!

Now thevideo might be funny and entertaining, and it also helps to visualize and simulate what could happen, but it definitely made me realize how quickly things can escalate and how dangerous a street fight can be. Remember, no matter how long you have been training or how skilled you think you may be, never fight on the streets unless you absolutely have to!

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