What To Eat Post Weigh-in?

When we are discussing post weigh-in, the three most important components are rehydration, restoring glycogen (storage molecule of glucose) and ensuring minimal gastrointestinal (gut) distress. The rehydration component we covered in the last article, this article focuses on the food element.

Glycogen, is the storage form of glucose, and is the main fuel for MMA and combat sportathletes. Maximising glycogen stores post weigh-in is important for ensuring optimalperformance in completion, as glycogen depletion has been implicated in impairment ofathletic performance.

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How do we restore Glycogen?

Through the consumption of carbohydrate rich foods!

The carbohydrate type should be predominately high glycaemic index (High Gi) and low indietary fibre, such as white rice or pasta, as they are efficiently and quickly digested whichwill allow for increased intake of food and also cause minimal gastrointestinal (gut) stress.Alternatively, a carbohydrate-containing drinks is also a great option, as it can also aid inthe rehydration processes.

Protein is also an important component in post weigh-in meals, as it can help with glycogenrestoration process, therefore it is important to add a protein source to each meal.

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Last is fats!

Fats should be kept low, this is due to fats slowing gastric emptying andtherefore, may decrease an athlete’s appetite and therefore food intake, which is counter-productive as decreased food equals decreased fuel for competition. So make sure you arechoosing lean cuts of meat, and steering very clear of burgers, pizzas etc (save those forafter competition).

In relation to supplementation is it advised to only ingest supplements that were usedduring fight camp, as the introduction of new supplements can cause gastrointestinal (gut)stress and result in bloating / reduced appetite / nausea.

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What to eat on Fight Day?

On fight day, an athlete should eat attempt to consume 1gram per kilogram of bodyweight ofcarbohydrates in a meal 3-4 hours before the fight to ensure adequate fuel is available.

Here is an example post weight in meal plan;

Post Weigh In

Oral Rehydration Solution

Sports Drink

Plain Water


Pancakes + Fruit + Maple Syrup


Chicken Stir Fry – 150 g chicken + 300g noodles + soy sauce




1 Banana + 1 cup strawberries + 1 scoop of protein powder + 1 cup almond milk + 2 tbsp honey


Fight day

1 cup oatmeal + ½ cup low fat milk + 1 tbsp honey + 1 tsp peanut butter + piece of fruit of choice


Pasta & Red Sauce – 2 cups of white pasta + 100g chicken + low-fat pasta sauce


White bread peanut butter and jam sandwich

Protein shake on water


Snack of cut up fruit leading up to fight



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