COVID-19 Nutrition Guide – Top Tips Part 5

Create a Routine with Your Eating

During our regular lives we have set structure and this structure makes eatinghealthy much easier. Give yourself set meal and snack times each day.

Create a Realistic Eating Plan

You do not have to have a professionally designed Meal Plan, but you shouldhave some type of structure to your weeks eating. Plan ahead your trainingschedule for the week and plan your high, moderate and low calorie days.

Fasting periodically throughout the week is a great tool to control calories ifactivity is decreased from your normal. Also schedule in your cheat/relaxedmeal for the week so you have something to look forward to.

Here is a simple meal planning guide based on your training Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE).

Prepare Ahead of Time with Meal Prep

Put aside one morning or afternoon over your weekend or day off and giveyourself time to check your cupboard, write your list of groceries, and prepareyour main meals for the week. It is an effort but this will stop you snacking andlooking at Uber Eats because you can't be bothered cooking.

Founder and Head Dietitian Jordan Sullivan of The Fight Dietitian (TFD) has written a 5-part COVID-19 Nutrition Guide for our email subscribers. The third of these is on Meal Prepping.

Make it at Home

If there is a particular meal or treat that you are craving then try your hand atmaking it yourself at home. These days there are so many recipes online thatyou can take an 'unhealthy' meal and I guarantee you can find a modification tosuit your training or lifestyle goals. Craving pizza mid week? I am certain you canfind a recipe to make a low calorie and more nutritious version compared tothe usual deep pan meat lovers.

Here are the go to home made recipe snacks I recommend

Give Yourself Goals and a Timeframe

This boils down to the classic psychological notion of wanting someone to do50 push ups. If you say to someone "do as many push ups as you can" and "giveme 50 push ups" you are much more likely to get 50 push ups out of the latter.

Take some body measurements, take a baseline weight, some photos and setyourself some goals for the isolation period. If body composition is not your goal,set some exercise goals ie. 50 straight push ups. If that is not your cup of tea, seta challenge to cook every meal but your weekly cheat meal for 4 weeks straight.





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